Return of the Hydra

an invitation

Dear Friend,

You have the honor of witnessing King Tarwyn’s coronation, after His last glorious victory on the Burning Fields. You are expected in His Majesty’s new capital, the ancient city of Atharak’Ara’Na’Bul. We kindly request you and your partner to dress appropiately for the occasion. Don’t put on to much clothing, for there will be a really hot party afterwards!
And please, please don’t bring too much other guests with you, for His Grace’s three hundred Ogre servants are not accostumed to dealing with many guests at once.

See You Soon,

Xantheus the Magnificent,
Court Bard of Tarwyn the First, Honoured Member of the Most Powerful Character Class, First Proclaimer of His Majesty’s neverending heroic deeds and Hapless PiƱata of Epic Level Killpikkers.



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