Return of the Hydra

an unholy alliance...

Dear anarchistic, kleptomaniac, drunken midget that goes by the ridiculous name of ‘Malse Mosj’,

You’ll certainly be surprised to receive such a long letter from me, Athanas, your sworn enemy. But I believe these times make for strange alliances. As you well know, I am the leader of the Ademorran branch of the Silent Snakes, I have the full support of the Undying Four in the Temple of Ouroboros and I’m a Merchant Prince and council member to boot. And you are…well, a lowly alchemist who has just been fired by that buffoon Xantheus (but only because he won initiative, because you were going to leave the tower anyway), but now it’s not important that you are an unemployed piece of lowlife scum, no, what is more important is that you have the full support of all these diminutive beggars that just arrived. And if my informants are not mistaken, after Balazar resigned his position of spokesman of the Grabling Guild because of his pathetic performance in the elections a year ago, these idiots couldn’t find a better replacement than you.

Where was I? Ah yes, I was trying not to insult you, as I believe we would both profit greatly from an alliance between my Silent Snakes and your Grabling Guild. As you should have noticed, our new colony is rapidly falling apart in various factions. The events of last night are more than enough proof of it: a wild chase for Tjikka and Philias, torture under the eyes of the people, forced confessions, the destruction of the Inquisitors’ new building by an angry mob, Tarwyn’s apparent desertion, the Wizard’s Tower new master who seems to be completely out of his mind… Things will soon get out of hand, and our job is to make sure they stay that way! Only that way, we can secure power over this promising colony.

I will not bother you with all the various arguments I have gathered. Even a dimwitted little fellow as you can see that Armac and his new friend Waldemar will try to rob me the colonists of their hard-earned riches. Time to remove them… permanently.
Since both our efforts to kill or disable Waldemar have been futile, and since our ‘Seekers of Bhool’ didn’t come up with a plan to stop him either, we have to try something different, something that ends in open rebellion.
Therefor, when the army leaves at dawn to repell the natives who survived the Great Fire, all our men should go with them, along with their wives and children and all their possessions. At the site of the burned jungle, we will start building a new city, a city with our own laws, free of Kernian meddling, free of Kernian taxation.
Hopefully, that will push our opponents into action, certainly when that annoying Inquisitor Valdemar has discovered that I have taken the remaining treasury from the workshops with me! Since it will probably end in crude violence, it is imperative that we gather as much support as we can. Here some suggestions, feel free to contribute:

  • Silent Snakes: no problem. A good thing I brought many reinforcements from Shairra, for even with them we are not very numerous
  • The Grabling Guild and your 8 ships of Gnomes: no problem. I don’t know what they are worth in combat, but there are certainly an awful lot of these little rats!
  • The wizard’s tower: lost to us, now that humbug Xantheus has taken power. Maybe Dore can convince some of her former employees to leave the tower, or persuade that Xantheus himself by flattering his already inflated ego.
  • the Erymian mercenaries: unsure what way they will turn. They love booze and violence (good!), but hate magic-abusers of any kind (that’s why they are so closely aligned with Kern, after all), so it’s unsure which side they will choose…if they choose a side at all! The key figure might be that ‘Coban the Barbarian’, who seems to be their unofficial leader.
  • The Gran Yo natives: unimportant.
  • Cornelia and Sandar Silvermaul: most of the soldiers and inquisitors still obey them, so for the upcoming conflict it is very important they choose our side, or at least remain neutral. Sandar will be next to impossible to coax into a battle with his fellow Kernians, but Cornelia is not above persuasion. In my humble opinion, as long as she sees Armac and Valdemar as a bigger threat to her authority than her own ‘friends’, she will side with us. Who will annoy Cornelia the most, that’s the question… Best to advise your friends Flandal, BrĂ¯na and Tjikka to just shut up, and let Armac and co talk themselves into trouble.
  • Tycho and Flandal: no problem, they are on our side for sure. They know they are next in line to be tortured, certainly after Tjikka’s ‘confessions’.
  • Tjikka: that’s a no-brainer (pun intended), after what they done to her, those terrible things the inquisitors did when they were alone with her, see must really hunger for revenge! And, just to be clear, I’m talking about the fact that they TOOK AWAY 2 OF HER MAGIC RINGS FROM HER FOR 10 MINUTES! Oh, the horror!
  • Dore: How to motivate her? As far as my informers know, she’s only interested in two things: her brother Philias and the Wizards’ Tower. And now, both have been taken from her. Hell hath no greater fury…
  • Brina: an easy one. As a worshipper of Cythaerea, she loves bloody revolution, chaos, destruction, and ‘freedom’. Disgusting, but so very useful now.

If we persuade most of them, we greatly outnumber Armac and his cronies. But will they attack us, relying on their ‘superior Kernian fighting skill’? Best to provoke them. Some killings will do. Maybe our mutual friends, these ever-violent, trigger-happy ‘Seekers of Bhool’, can help with that? With quaestor Waldemar dead, even these old fools at the Senate will get the message, won’t they?

Oh, and one last thing. Since you Grablings are chaotic as the Abyss itself, I took the liberty of capturing twenty of your Gnome children as hostages. Just in case you should suddenly decide to leave all the fighting to us, do you understand?
To assure you of my trustworthiness (as if the word of a Merchant Prince and High Priest of Ouroboros isn’t enough!), I give you Tycho as a hostage, (known amongst your people as ‘Pampy’, whatever that might mean). And I really don’t want him harmed or killed, since he owns me a lot of money!

May the Great Serpent smile on both our plans,

Merchant Prince Athanas


Flandall laat alvast weten dat hij hier en daar wel iemand wilt uitschakelen voor “de goede zaak van de kolonie”

an unholy alliance...

Buiten wat details kan malse mosj hiermee akkoord gaan, op voorwaarde dat we daarna eindelijk die demonen en ondoden definitief van ons schiereiland trappen! Wij kleintjes willen enkel een plaats om ongestoord te kunnen leven in vrede en harmonie (buiten hier en daar natuurlijk nen goed geplaatste pick pocket!

an unholy alliance...

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