Return of the Hydra

Philias' Luck

Mizuno, former archmage of Nephelidia, looked ad the sad remnants of his men. Barely enough to man what these surfacers called a ‘fishing boat’. The idea of that great a body of water still frightened the old wizard, but not nearly enough as the results of failure. He looked southwest again, where a ship appeared on the horizon. If his divinations were correct, the person they were looking for was aboard. Maybe even both of them, he wasn’t sure.
Mizuno checked their allies’ ships. Everyone had put their weapons away and put on their disguise as ‘fisherman’. (What kind of poor fool whould risk his life and sanity each day by travelling this ‘sea’ in search for a few stinking small animals? It was beyond him.) “Hey, wizard dude! I’ll do the talking.” Celerio jr. shouted from another ship. “Don’t worry, I’ll have it all prepared. They’ll think it’s only a diplomatic…en…coun…terrrr?”
Celerio’s voiced trailed off as he watched a big ball of fire spinning through the air, towards their first ship. The ship exploded, killing most of the crew. Luckily, these goons hadn’t been paid yet! For a moment, they all just stood there, mouth open. What…the…Hell!???
No use trying to negotiate, as these bloodthirsty, trigger-happy maniacs were reloading their fearsome firing device. Mizuno said something in aquan, and his two charmed Deep Squids sped towards the big ship.
Another ship exploded, leaving only two. Were was the time he and his men almost ruled this big city? Damn it, he would not die on this stinking water, like a common pirate! Luckily, he knew just the spell and moments later, Mizuno, one of the last remaining wizards of Nephelidia, flew towards his enemies in the shape of a Red Dragon. Most of the crew fled in fear, but four of them held their ground. Celerio’s ship and his own ship were closing the distance, the squids were attacking and a small lifeboat with survivors was ready to board the Hydra Ship. Good, maybe it would be a victory, after all!
“Spare all Shairrans younger than 36 years!” Celerio shouted. “Kill the others!” Mizuno unleashed a blast of fire. One of the enemy evaded lightning quick, but the other three were too slow. At the same time, a Deep Squid grabbed one of the men (apparantly their leader, judging by his fancy coat and armor) and used it to pummel the others into submission. However, even with their leader disabled (they called him ‘de Fille’, whatever that might mean), the three others managed to kill both of his pet sea monsters. Damnation! And from the corner of his eye, he saw a tiny creature crossing the water at great speed. A grabling, unless he was mistaken. Annoying, but not very dangerou… Holy crap! It just blew up another of his ships, dodging attack after attack and tossing bombs like they were candy! Was each and every one of these surfacers a pyromaniac?!!

Mizuno got lucky and could release another devastating blast of fire. With their leader free (somehow, the ornaments on his helmet had saved him from falling and drowning?!), the others struck hard. One of them, wearing only an old diaper, was quite powerful, but hadn’t fought for a long time, judging by the sub-optimal choices he made. The second was a light-armored old priest, but appearances could be deceiving, for he was a real terror in combat, almost even devastating as that big Erymian, a boy only, but nonetheless killing his men by the dozen! A good thing he kept the most powerful enemy at bay, for this ‘Fille’ was now slowed, blinded and drunk!
Celerio stabbed the priest in the back, and waves of Nephelidian soldiers managed to almost bring down that boy with his greatsword. But it would not be enough, for they kept boozing and healing. Time for the big cannons. Another blast of fire. Still not enough. Mass Suggestion: ‘kill that annoying Erymian!’ Finally, the turning point in a losing battle. The hypnotized ‘Fille’ managed to inflict huge critical hit after critical hit…upon his ally! Thank the Gods for Enchantments! Celerio kept his ground, even after all his men were slain, and brought down ‘Fille’ as well. Hmm, a Shairran of the correct age… No doubt this was who they were looking for!
Mizuno dived down and grabbed ‘de Fille’. Celerio jr. could die, for all he cared. His father would never learn the truth, and reward him handsomely for this prize! As they flew towards Shairra, Mizuno smiled for the first time in more than a year. Some luck, for the first time since his troops were slaughtered and zombified in the Arena, and his boss Diokles was murdered. If only he knew why his masters needed this boy… but no doubt it would be some great scheme to restore the Red Hand to power!


Ko…Ko…Kobanneke? NEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Philias' Luck

Coban the Barbarian is goed bezopen, maar staat nog recht. De Fille daarentegen… die wacht een onzeker lot. Zullen zijn vrienden hem kunnen redden en de snode plannen van de laatste aanhangers van de Rode Hand verijdelen? Dat ziet u in het tweede (en laatste) deel van Pampy’s Dolle Avonturen.

Philias' Luck

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