Diokles (RIP)

Proconsul of Shairra


Male Human (Shairran)
Neutral Evil
Inquisitor of Vaprak level 15


The proconsul has started his reign with a series of new taxes, most notably a tax for entering the city and a huge tax on merchants selling or buying magical stuff. The first months of his short-lasting reign, his Half-Ogre proconsular guards and ‘peace keepers’ were very busy, ‘collecting taxes’ and ‘restoring the peace’ as they called it. The elite of this band of mercenaries, first led by the Half-Ogre Captain Grocco, and then by Elite Shield Basher Vrak, seemed to be looking for something…or someone.

In the absence of the Kernian army, Diokles’ word was the law in many parts of the city. Soon, the Proconsul lost his influence at the the Hydra Site, as his friend Roan was exposed as a corrupt coward and Aphareus Borias was killed in a futile attempt to avenge his murdered sons.

While many of the city’s inhabitants are living on a penny, Diokles had no lack of money (and, as his opponents say, no lack of food either). He even offered to pay from his own pockets the bounty for the following criminals:

  • An ugly old woman, called Charis: 100 000 gp, dead or alive
  • An escaped slave called Matunde: 100 000 gp, dead or alive
  • A mad priest and troublemaker, called the Masked One: 50 000 gp, dead or alive
  • A small rat-like creature, responsible for several riots and acts of terrorism: 25000 gp, preferably alive
  • A Nigger Anarchist, with the wits (and alignment) of a cow: 20000 gp, preferably dead.
  • An assassin in a diaper, called Pampy Copkiller: 12500 gp, dead or alive

The rewards for arresting these criminals are a small fortune by anyone’s standards, certainly by adventurers who are still dreaming of one day buying a pair of Minotaur’s Boots. Bands of ‘slave hunters’ and ‘peace keepers’ roam the city, looking for these criminals. The fee on each of these Seekers of Bhool has even been raised, for they are now known as the murderers of both Diokles and Roan, as well as hundreds of soldiers and innocents alike, killed in a massive explosion.
Diokles plans to take over Shairra died with him and his former allies, Theron, Bloodbeard’s pirates and the Red Hand each went their own way. His Ogre allies on the Isle of Bhool were decimated and their chieftain Monomono was slain.

Diokles (RIP)

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