Name : Doré
Occupation : Illusionist/Conjurer
STR : 7
DEX : 21 (18)
CON : 16
INT : 25 (22)
WIS : 7
CHA : 15 (11)
Hobby’s : Books, Summoning Beasts, Talking to my friend Spec, when he is around
Favourite food : Spicey
Favourite book : Spice up your life with illusions. Volume III
Favourite animal : My cat Spec ofcourse, he’s white
Favourite colour : White
Favourite flower : White lily
Favourite song : “I’m dreaming of a white solstice”, by Bling Bling Crosby
Favourite drink : Normally White Lady, and if I’m angry Whicked Lady

Feats : Toughness, Iron Will, Dodge, Skill Focus (Concentration), Spell Focus (Conjuration), Augmented Summoning, Spell penetration
Metamagic Feats : Persistent Spell, Quickened Spell, Split Ray

Hit Points : 141

Skills :
Acrobatics : +8
Knowledge Arcana : +25
Bluff : +23
Concentration : +29
Craft (Gemcutting) : +28
Linguistics : +11
Listen : +14
Knowledge (local) : +19
Sleight of hand : +18
Spellcraft : +26
Spot : +13
Stealth : +12
Swim : +10
Use Magic Devise : +23


Level 1
Charm Person
Color Spray
Disguise Self
Enlarge Person
Expeditious Retreat
Lesser Orb of Acid
Lesser Orb of Cold
Lesser Orb of Electricity
Mage Armor
Reduce Person

Level 2
Cat’s Grace
Delusions of Grandeur
Illusionary Pitt
Mirror Image
Resist Energy
Summon Monster II

Level 3
Dispel Magic
Improved Acid Arrow
Improved Mage Armor
Lesser Luminous Assassin
Sensory Deprivation
Stinking Cloud
Summon Monster III

Level 4
Greater Invisibility
Mass Reduce Person
Mass Resist the Elements
Orb of Acid
Orb of Cold
Phantasmal Killer
Shocking Images
Summon Monster IV

Level 5
Break Enchantment
Hold Monster
Summon Monster V
Vitriolic Sphere

Level 6
Extract Water Elemental
Greater Dispel Magic
Mass Illusionary Pitt
Summon Monster VI
Tenser’s Transformation
True Seeing

Level 7
Dargoth’s Freezing Cold
Diathan’s Friendly Face
Mass Invisibility
Project Image
Summon Monster VII

Level 8
Mass Charm Monster
Protection from Spells
Summon Monster VIII

Level ç
Summon Monster IX


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, stupid, shortsighted… dull farts (pardon my french).
Or how your own family-members can spoil such a good plan and opportunity. How better to obtain power, gold and knowledge than to get out of this dull place and try to get someone (preferably me) in this expidition they’re assembling… as our family did in the old days, when we were still great in all the meanings of the word, not only gold-wise.
F*****G F**K F**K F**K (compose yourself).
To their favor, they know nothing of the powers that seem to be sprouting inside of me, and I feel a great lust for the unknown and the obscure… adventure is what I seek.
It all seems to connect to the tiara I bought on the yard sale last june. Whenever I just bring it near my head I start to see things that no one else can see, and when I put it on my head… I can make sure they do see what I want them to see… what an ‘interesting’ discovery that was for poor Attis… But a piece of this jewel seems to be missing, or is not fully attuned to me, I can’t put my finger on it, and I can’t find any defects, but still I have the feeling that there is more to it than meets the eye…
About the same time I bought my precious tiara, I also found my dear friend Spec, she was just a small kitten then, not the wise adult feline she is now… how I welcome her sound advise, and I prefer it over my fathers anytime. Everybody else tries to ignore her, as if she is not there, and one even had the audacity to almost step on her… that was not his best day…
Spec advises me to take a chance and run for it, but I better do some planning before I go… try to steal some gold, some provisions… maybe go visite a distant relative… yes that would do nice, it will take them a few days before they miss me, and meanwhile I can get myself employed on this ship… yes, yes that’s what I’ll do…
Oh I love it when a plan comes together…
I sure hope they hire some decent folk on this vessel, some people with style and a decent upbringing… gosh I hope they don’t hire brutes… or at least keep them far away from decent people…
labourers bwah…
Now lets see, where to begin…


Return of the Hydra WtheWizard