Roan (RIP)

High Priest and friend of Diokles


Male Human (Kern)
Neutral Evil
Cleric level 13


After an expensive campaign, Roan got elected as leader of the priests at the Hydra reconstruction site. As a friend of the Proconsul, Roan is primarily concerned with making money. Priests unwilling or unable to cooperate with his ‘business-plan’, are punished by his two Half-Ogre shieldbashing bodyguards or even kicked out of the temple.

During the battle, Roan and his unit of clerics hid in the temple and barricaded the doors. Although he received many a despising comment about his cowardice, Roan and his followers were almost the only ones who survived the battle unscathed. While the clerics and craftsmen at the Site were decimated by the undead and while both the Silent Snakes and the Grabling Guild suffered severe losses, Roan’s power and influence are as strong as ever.
Directly after the battle, Roan has started a campaign to promote one of his allies to the new leader of the workshops, since the last leader, the Merchant Prince Phrixias, did not survive the battle.

The severely damaged Infirmary now only sells a few potions and scrolls, but Roan has opened his own shop, run by some of his friends from the Red Hand. Both shop and half of the temple complex were destroyed when Tycho visited his friend Flandal, who was being followed by an angry archdruid from the cult of Doom. After the destruction, Flandal was fired, but not before exposing Roan as a secret follower of the evil god Vaprak and as a corrupt bastard.
Just before he was fired, Roan helped his friend Aphareus Borias to launch an assault upon the dormitory of the Seekers of Bhool. The dormitory was destroyed (again!), but the Seekers prevailed. While Tjikka mutilated Borias body, Roan ran away.

Some months later, time finally came to settle the score. During the inauguration party and the slaughter that followed, the Seekers of Bhool faced Diokles), Roan and their cronies, killing all of them before running away themselves.

Roan (RIP)

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