the Kraken

the bane of all sailors


Magical Beast, Lesser Avatar of Ay’Vorax
Chaotic Evil
Druid level 18


This creature has many names. Terrified Shairran sailors call it ‘the Kraken’, while the Ademorrans speak about ‘the Sea God’, some lesser deity allied to their own god The Devourer. The Sirens inhabiting the Ademorran shores use the same name, and really seem to worship the Kraken as their own personal god. They also seem to have some way of communicating with it, for the Kraken is a highly intelligent creature, although it prefers to dine upon landlubbers, rather than starting a conversation with them.
A few years ago, the Kraken has been known to send a Shairran fleet full of Kernian elite-soldiers fleeing (see Torin’s journal ) and to summon a storm to smash ‘the Hunter’ on the rocks, summoned by Simonides’ former slave, the warlock Sokahn the Unmanned.

In his riddles, Straton the Abstinent constantly refers to it as ‘the Beast’, a creature that will ‘break the ships and feast upon the flesh’ of ‘every witless worm, every thoughtless thief’, so ‘the weak will wither’ and ‘the strong will survive’.
As expected, the Kraken attacked a group of six brave (or foolish) adventurers, trying to leave Hydra Peninsula with part of Bloodbeard’s treasure. Although the Kraken survived the fight, the treasure hunters showed the beast is not undefeatable. The next few months, no one was bothered by the Kraken, for it needed time to regrow his cut-off tentacles. Now, however, the Beast will probably attack Shairran ships with a veangeance…

The Kraken knows powerful magic, although it prefers physical combat, strangling opponents with its tentacles, or flinging them over board as food for its minions. Sometimes it loves just too watch a victim bleeding to death from the terrible wounds it inflicts. The Kraken uses spells to manipulate the weather and to further increase his strength in combat, and until its last fight, that was more than enough to gain the upper hand. Now, it probably has learned its lesson and will use its full spellcasting potential, not just a single storm of vengeance and just a quickened bull’s strength… Heroes, be prepared!

the Kraken

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