Bloodbeard's Cave

“Greetings, strangers. You are the first to enter this god-forsaken en well-hidden cave in almost twenty years.”
Sirens, again. Just like some days ago, in that dark cave. But, to be honest, Charis didn’t remember much of it, only that she had felt the urge to slaughter those sirens. That, and the tremendous blow a Dragon Turtle had given her. A strange experience, all in all… Agreed, murder had never been a problem for her in the past, but why on earth would she want to kill these apparently friendly and harmless wenches?
And, more importantly… what was written on that altar in blood-red ink?

Hail, worthy explorer. To upgrade my dagger, you need 3 gallons of siren’s blood. Slaughter them now, and discover the full potential of a +3 keen vampiric defending dagger of spell power!

“Come on, boys, let’s slaughter these half-fish hussies!” Charis charged forward, and some of her companions also eyed the unfinished Siren’s Hide Armor on the altar with greedy eyes, but – unusual for a party of adventurers, common sense won the day. Bloodshed was avoided and the Sirens even told them bits of useful information, though it was mainly a confirmation of what they suspected all along.
Bloodbeard and Straton had visited these caves regularily, not only to hoard large parts of their ill-gotten gains, but also to dispose of some of their men. Always, they entered accompanied by a handful of other pirates, but the pirate captain and his pet necromancer always came out alone.
The Sirens were enslaved long ago by ‘the Sea God’, an avatar of the Devourer. This Kraken had made a pact with Straton and would guard Hydra Peninsula for them. Strangers were only required to leave with the treasure if they fulfilled certain… requirements.

More than a little worried, the six heroes decided it was too late to turn back now. They would deal with this ‘Sea God’ later, now another challenge awaited them. The caverns widened and a Skeleton Champion faced them: Black Ohon, Bloodbeard’s best warrior. Envious of his height and martial prowess, the pirate captain had murdered him and Straton turned him into an undead monstruosity to guard their treasure.
Since they faced a ‘living’ Ohon in a dream already, they knew what to expect. Of course, undeath had changed him: he no longer had the stamina of a Barbarian of the Tribe of the Rhino, but still strong defenses and brute strength. His new form made him even harder to hit and almost impervious to magic (certainly when raging). Also, he possessed a devious tool, called ’Santar’s Clockwork’, which was the bane of every booster or magic-abuser. During the battle, it exploded, bringing down many of their magical defenses. The Clockwork itself disappeared, to bring doom on another location.
Ohon would never stand still, and the black bastard dealt out more attack of opportunity than he got. Halfway the battle, he switched weapons, lowering his defenses to use his exploding Suicidal Spear. Despite all his defenses and tactics, it was still one against six, and by now his opponents were almost as strong as he.

“Well, he was more impressive when alive,” Matunde said, after killing his uncle. Charis vaguely remembered Black Ohon being responsible for the death of her dim-witted brother, but that was so long ago now it hardly mattered. And he was dead already when they faced him, so it was not a very sweet revenge after all. Probably his remains would rise again in some months, to face some other fools. In that case, it would be without his Swift Spear, for Matunde claimed this impressive weapon as his own, after cutting off two feet of the shaft.
Why does he always have to shorten his spear, Kallithea thought. To use a shield and have a higher AC? Ridiculous. Not only do I love long-speared niggers, but also I suspect he could have been much more efficient with a two-handed weapon. Hmmm, a tall nigger with a reach weapon… Able to enlarge himself… Or boosted by a transmuter wizard like Theron… All levels in barbarian…and of course with maximized strength… Intelligence as a dump stat… almost no skill points… mentally challenged and a social paria, but a real God of War in combat…

“Kallithea, stop dreaming! We’re entering the treasure cave. And Theron, what are you throwing down banana skins foooooooooooooooooooraaaargh!”

to be continued in Treasure no soul ever saw before

Bloodbeard's Cave

Return of the Hydra Rhynn