Hydra Council

This council, led by Tarwyn, makes all important decisions concerning the expedition to Ademorra. It is made up of the leaders of all branches of the Hydra Reconstruction Site, and other important people who got a place of honor. Many of its former members are dead now, which some consider proof that its name is not just ill-chosen, but cursed, just like the ship with the same evil name.

Former members:

Current members:

members of honour:

  • Cormac, a high-ranking Inquisitor
  • Brïna Ghöl, who speaks for ‘the heroes of the first battle’
  • One new member, elected by the men and the council

Every member has one vote, except for the praetor, who has two. In case of a tie, the proposal will be voted next month.
All members must be confirmed by the Kernian senate, and only the senate can unmake them.

Hydra Council

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