the Hydra

The Hydra is (or was) the admiral ship of the Shairran fleet sent to explore the shores of Ademorra. For more than three years, nothing has been heard of them, but now the Hydra has returned… without a living soul on board. No one knows what became of Captain Kreiton, high priest Torin or the other members of the first expedition.

The last months, a lot of important people from both Shairra and Kern are busy making plans, not only driven by curiosity, but also by greed, for the ship’s figurehead, a four-headed Hydra, has been replaced by a Hydra entirely made of gold and gemstones!

Despite the rumors of a strange curse, many people are seeking employment in the rebuilding and exploration of the ship. The entire Old Docks have been claimed for this big project, and even the Wizards’ Tower has been reopened to aid in unraveling the secrets of the Hydra.

Many suggest just to burn this accursed ship, full of contagious undead and evil items, but it is not so easy. Not only is the ship itself highly resistant to most forms of damage, the Shairran shipwrights also need to unravel its secrets to build a fleet of similar ships, able to pass through the highly acidic Ademorran waters.

the Hydra

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