Return of the Hydra

Bad news

Coban the Barbarian and ‘Malse Mosj’ were sitting outside in the evening sun, enjoying a Gratch. All around them, the new colony was growing. New ships with colonists from Shairra were arriving daily now, there was not an enemy to be found within miles of their new city…everything seemed to be going well. But still…
“You know what I’m thinking?” Coban said “I’m missing these Seekers of Bhool actually.”
Mosj didn’t say anything, but took another sip from a Greater Gratch’, almost half as big as he was.
“I know it was necessary for the unity of the colony, and for our survival, but still, it doesn’t feel right, abandoning them like that, all alone in the wilderness.”
“Ha! I pity the wilderness,” Mosj said, and added some things in that filthy Grabling language of his that Coban couldn’t (or wouldn’t) understand with his limited intelligence score.
“O crap! It’s the Inquisition!” everyone looked very uneasy when Sandar Silvermaul walked into the bar. Even now, with Cornelia’s tax against drunkenness expired, old habits (and old fears) died hard. Sandar ordered a glass of water, declined the 4-pound bag of salted nuts offered to him, and sat down besides Mosj and Coban.
“Bad news.” He started, without embellishments. “I just got a visit from that idiot, Orson Gnomebasher.” The others both spat in disgust. After his unsuccessful assault against Brina, Dore and Flandal, and his subsequent punishment by his co-inquisitors, everyone despised Orson. Attacking an unarmed opponent, who would do such a thing? (well, there were some who would, but they had all left the colony now)
“The bastard! Two years of latrine duty is too soft a punishment for him!”
“I don’t know,” Mosj smiled “Not latrine duty in a city full of Gnomes.”
“Anyway,” Sandar continued "He came to me, full of repentance. You know, the disappearance of his brother Orrin was never really cleared up and he strongly suspected Tjikka… And you know how provocative Brïna and her friends can be at times, but that is still no excuse, and I told him so. He is not really evil at heart, otherwise he would have left with Taggart and his corrputed friends, instead of taking Pyrias’ drugs and brooding over the past. But now comes the interesting part. He gave me some books he found in Pyrias’ possessions. Amongst them are the last part of Kreitton’s ship logs.
“Kreitton? Who the unholy fuck is Kreiton?”
“I dunno. But look at this, his description of the White Pyramid, Ay’Vorax’ Sanctuary.”
“Well, read it. Don’t let an impatient, illiterate barbarian wait, damn it!”
“They cannot be prepared for this. No. No!”
“And Tjikka just…”
“But, that means…”
“Yes, our friends are almost certainly doomed!”
“That’s not certain. Maybe Brïna or Cornelia could…”
“No way, you don’t know them as I do. They will fail, no doubt.”
“We have to warn them. We have to. Coban, with our combined fast movement we can maybe catch up with them before it is too late. Sandar, you stay here and prepare the city for the worst!”


Het moet toch al iets heel erg en vooral heel simpel zijn als koban het gevaar meteen doorheeft!

Bad news

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