Return of the Hydra

invitation to the White Hydra Head

(this note was found by DorĂ© in Tribune Armac’s former headquarters. It is written in a small, shaky hand, probably by someone who is very old – or very dead)

My young friends,

As I have heard from our mutual friends, you have some difficulties. Demon worshippers infiltrate your ranks and corrupt your men. Your soldiers are succumbing to booze, violence, desperation and even desertion. An ancient evil awakens. And those responsible for all of this are still unpunished, free to wreak more havoc.
It seems we do not only have mutual friends, we also have mutual enemies. These ‘Seekers of Bhool’ must be stopped, at all costs, and my Master will give you the power to do so. Gather your men and come to us, at the White Hydra Head. You will recognize it from afar, I daresay.
Leave your men outside, for only these seven persons deserve an audience with our Lord and Saviour:
Armac the Tall, Tribune of the Sharp Swords
Waldemar, quaestor of Kern
Cormac the Fat, High Inquisitor of Kern
Taggart, elite soldier of Kern
Rhiovan the Red, elite soldier of Kern
and, of course, our mutual friends Endymion and Tmesias.

I sense that some of you have lost people dear to you, and others have seen their hopes and dreams shattered. Do not despair, for soon your loss will become your strength. You will learn to look through the pain, to seize the power.

If you are having any doubts in the path that lies before you, know that I also once had my doubts. But no longer. The long years have granted me a wisdom I would like to bestow also on you.

I expect you soon, before the next full moon,

PS: do not forget the sacrifice I mentioned before!




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