Return of the Hydra

Queen of them all

The most beautiful Tiara for the most beautiful girl of them all.
I should enlist myself for Miss Shaira this year, I’m Sure to win, I already have the crown and none are so lovely as me…
The only thing that’s keeping me from enlisting is my family, they are sure to find out, and that’s the last thing I want…

What the fuck, I’ll do whatever I want, I’m going to enlist now

Nono, don’t go that way. It’s still not safe for me to be noticed. I’m stronger than ever, none can stand in my way (except maybe ratface (troubling thoughts)). But why are we still in this damn boring city, I want to get out of this place. Why are those losers lingering here, there’s nothing of interest to find…
We should clear out that ship (I can searing light those living dead, three times a day, so where’s the problem), and get going… imbicils… stupid ugly dirty swines…

Miss Shaira 2012… what year are we in? no idea which timeline we are following…
but it sure has a nice ring to it… " and here lady’s and gentleman is Lady SHAIRA… (grand applaus)…" mmmm

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (mental calming technique)

Shut up Spec
or I’ll make some shewing gum out of your entrails

sorry (wheeping)
I’ll never say something like that again
stupid cat
dont’t do that please
I’ll be a good girl, I promise

Let’s go enlist

no, lets go to the ship ourselves
what, no good Idea? but Sp…..
OK, I’ll be good

Let’s get to breakfast
Stupid cat (under her breath)
no, I said nothing, nothing at all

Miss Shaira… Queen of beauty… Lady of the night … Goddess of the world…
Queen of the underworld more likely for the moment


Ik weet niet of de Queen of Beauty het zich al gerealiseerd heeft, maar ze zit dus terug in de riolen en – alweer – kniediep in de stront.

Maak dat kin-diep voor Flandal.

Queen of them all

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