Return of the Hydra

Survivors of the Cursed Ship

Extracts from the Journal of Tribune Tarwyn, intended for the Kernian Senate

The first day of the month. Dozens of new soldiers, sailors and craftsmen appeared, despite rumors of a curse. Most of them Shairrans, of course, and even some members of the lesser races. Few true-blooded Kernians, sadly enough. Some of the new recruits are even … women!
It doesn’t matter now, they’re all dead. Gone mad and killed each other. Well most of them. A few escaped that blasted curse and survived the massacre. Interrogated them all and checked their background.

  • Cornelia – wife of one of our centurions. Good reputation. Reliable, and a Kernian to boot. Should make an excellent leader, although she has a strange penchant for working on her companions’ nerves.
  • Andromache – true name is Dore, daughter of one of the most powerful (and most corrupt) Merchant Houses. Not only wears a bunch of false names, but also a strange tiara, that somehow seems familiar. Summons illusionary spiders and harmless colored beams – apparantly just another of these charlatan ‘philosopher-mages’. But if so, how did she survive?
  • Tycho – member of the Order of Ouroboros, family history unknown. Constantly flirts with Death – just like other members of the cult. Heard he tried to leave behind some of the weaker survivors, considering them ‘dead weight’. Unlike other monks, he seems to love money. Also has a ridiculous dressing code – naked but for a diaper, a 30-pound helmet and a pair of worn boots. Gods, my poor eyes…

These three humans also carry three pets with them:

  • ‘Whoop Whoop’, an extremely muscled Ademorran native with limited intellect and vocabulary. Wants to ‘burn evil ship’, but did it come all that way from Ademorra just to do that? Its companions know next to nothing about it and, strangely enough, they are not very interested either. It almost seems to me they regulary team up with unknown people for a long time, without ever bothering to ask about their background… But I digress. The creature also has a strange scar, shaped just like a white Hydra. It also doesn’t get enough sleep, for it’s fatigued most of the time.
  • Brïna Ghöl, a Half-Ogre with a strangely soft soul. Priestess of Cythaerea, of all things! I should have sworn she was wearing the blood-stained uniform of one of the Proconsul’s bodyguards.
  • Ratman, the most mysterious of all. Loves fire and – strange but true – actually seems to do some harm with his ‘magic’. My spies know nothing about his origins, and neither do his companions. But, again, this doesn’t seem to bother them. I don’t know why he joined us instead of, say, making fireworks. But maybe he’s after the secrets of that long-forgotten Shairran philosopher who thought fire was the beginning and end of all things, that madman from the wizard’s tower, what’s his name again?

Other survivors:

  • Old Agrac – survived with two of his sons, although everyone seems to think they are his grandsons. Harmless fellow, as long as you stay out of the reach of his greataxe.
  • Timon – an utter fool, but a useful one, since he claimed the victory was all his doing. If there is evil intent behind this ‘curse’, he’s sure to attract its attention with his mythomania.
  • Exapallates – a dangerous opportunist and a kleptomaniac. On more theft and we kick him out.



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