Return of the Hydra

The Change

At last I can feel free of all my bindings.
At last I can choose what to do, when I want to do it.
At last I can be ME…
Those little fights with the wild dogs and those pathetic rogues opened new pathways for me.. It feels as if I’m stronger… not physically… but mentally…
It’s hard to put into words.
Before the fight I could do a few simple tricks, but now there are more feats that I’m capable of…
The occasion should be marked someway…
But how?
I can’t talk to my companions about it… how would they react?… they are so… unsophisticated… so base… some can barely be called women…
Lets round them up :
1. Tjikka : a stupid cow, half… no make that 3/4 male
2. Brïna Gül : a priestess to good to be true, and ugly (as was the former)
3. Cornelia : a knittig grandmother who think’s she knows it all
4. Tycho : the only one who has some potential (he seemed to know Kozmas, should talk with him about this), although he should get himself dressed with his oversized diaper.
But no one to have a decent conversation with… luckily there’s still Spec…
What did you say?
Yes that’s a rather excellent idea…
OK, in remembrance of the change I’m undergoing, I’ll be known forthwith as Eleftheria or freedom…
That sounds just right.
Good night Spec… sweet dreams.


Wat? Een wizard met geheimen en een duister verleden? Bijeen slagen die handel en al haar eigendommen stelen!

The Change

Eén wizard? Wacht maar tot wizard nr. 2, Flandal Fireskin, op de proppen komt!

The Change

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