Return of the Hydra


This takes to long
How long does it take to clear out this cursed ship and set sail
I want to be rid of my family and that sheepfucker

But it seems I have to endure it for a while longer, because that
upstart Kernian noble has blocked access to the ship. We may explore,
but how long is that going to take with only six (and half of them not
even human, and the other half common people)?

I just have to convince my companions to make a priority of the ship
Maybe there are others who think the same
Time to study my companions and try to learn what they are after, because
nobody wants to get on a cursed ship just for the fun of it

That Kernian dog kept staring at my Tiara
It it belonged to his family, he can go ************** because I bought
it fair & square. And I’m not going to give it back
I will be very allert next time we meet
What did you say Spec?
He does huh?
Well it doesn’ surprise me he likes dogs, he is Kernian, so it’s no surprise
he reeked like a dog

We’ll have to find out if anyone has made a drawing or map of the ships
interior layout
that would be realy helpfull, because then we can better plan ahead
and it would be an extra tool to convince my companions
What, you are feeling neglected?
Yes but…
I only think about that ship?
but it’s really…
Well… if you insist
It’s not really a very beautiful name, I rather liked Zoe, it had a nice ring to it,
it sounded very vivid
well OK, Nausica it will be
Last time I changed my name, they laughed and found it rediculous
If they dare do the same this time, they’ll have it coming
sorry Spec, I’ll be more carefull next time


NausikaƤ… een onheilspellende naam, zeker als ge bedenkt wat die negerin onlangs zei…


burn baby


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