Return of the Hydra

When the shit hits the fan

Shit, shit, SHIT

those stupid assholes forced me to get myself dirty in that terrible heap of dirt
they found so interresting of exploring
(W)hole of experience my ASS (punn not intended)

the only thing they learned was that you get dirty if you play with dirt
pigs are cleaner than me at the moment
’that’s what you’ll get if you play with common people’ I can hear my father say
and for once I have to agree

What a girl has to suffer nowadays to climb the social ladder is really insufferable

Luckily we didn’t have a level up, or I would be forced to take a rather offensive
name this time
SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP I’m not listening
you really don’t have to give me examples of names Spec
thank you very much

My companions (the dirty half dozen as I like to think of them… us, damn it) seem
unwilling to go back to the hydra ship
afraid they are not strong enough
losers (L-sign)
And that old bitch (or maybe better sow) has to much influence over them to change their mind

So nothing much rests me than to strengthen my powers and try to get some more information on this ship… and my tiara to…
Maybe I can get some information from that Kessian watchdog
But I have to be careful
And my companions don’t necessarily need to know
Maybe I can arrange a personal meeting

let’s see what I can do



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