Obald the Fifth


Male Human (Erymia)
Chaotic Neutral
Barbarian 4


Nobleman with Erymian roots, who always happens to be at the wrong time, at the wrong place and with the wrong friends.
This is kind of a family tradition, starting with his forefather Obald, who was incinerated by the angry archmage Arachnor, just for being at a party together with some lousy adventurers. Two weeks before, Obald’s own son Robald barely survived the battle in the local pub between the same adventurers and a wizard of the Red Hand, Anissa the Invincible, just to be massacred a week later by Kernian knights.
Even the family branch that migrated north met misfortune after misfortune, for in the artic wastes of Northhold, Yovalda and her brother Obaldo met count Brunello and his evil (or braindead) companions, and met their demise soon after.

Obald the Fifth

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