Sandar Silvermaul

High Inquisitor and Undead Hunter


Human Male (Kernian)
Lawful Neutral
Paladin (Undead Hunter) level 14


Sandar ‘Silvermaul’ recently arrived from the capital, at the head of a strong force of Inquisitors, Wizard Slayers and Undead Hunters. They arrived just too late to participate in the battle, but now Sandar and his men are hunting the survivors. Undead, cultists, monstruous beasts or just victims of the plague – none shall escape! Aided by Cahal and his Special Forces, they have put the Old City in quarantine.

As leader of the Inquisitors at the the Hydra Site, Sandar has a seat in the Hydra Council. As such, he opposes every decision made by the Proconsul and his allies, for he deeply hates Diokles, a renegade inquisitor.

Sandar is a hard man, but not so strict as his colleague Lorna: he is capable of mercy and of giving others a second chance. He also hates lazy bums and magic abusers, and loves to sunder his opponents’ expensive magical items with his adamantine maul, but in his opinion these people are just weak and misguided. The true enemy is elsewhere, for the city is swamped with ‘freak races’ and ‘heathens’ – small wonder undead and monsters followed soon after!

Sandar Silvermaul

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