Hydra Head

The natives of Ademorra worship their god the Devourer near strange statues, depicting a single huge Hydra head. Every tribe has its own Hydra head, very different in color and magical aura.

A red Hydra head for the Tribe of the Rhino, symbolizing their hatred and burning rage. Trees, vegetation and even animals around grow twice as big and people that stay around too long slowely become more agressive and violent.

A blue Hydra head for the Tribe of the Ants, symbolizing their fertility. All normal living creatures around reproduce more swiftly and the woods in the surrounding are filled by hordes of hungry (albeit puny) creatures.

A green Hydra head for the Tribe of the Turtle, symbolizing their ‘healthy growth’. Animals in the vicinity get extremely fat and vegetation is near impenetrable (‘the Plant Barrier’).

A brown Hydra head for the Tribe of the Monkey, symbolizing their love for poisons and diseases. The woods and swamps nearby are filled with annoying and often venomous vermin. New diseases emerge each year from this god-forsaken region.

All Hydra heads have a strong aura of evil and chaos and it is very unwise for a non-believer to touch them. The Shairran colonists tried to excavate the Red Hydra Head, driven by greed when seeing the statue was adorned with many gemstones. Their attempts failed completely and many a would-be robber was killed or mutilated.

Many members of the four tribes make a pilgrimage to their Hydra Head on Hydra Peninsula, preferably during the time of the solistice, for the longest night is the moment when the Dark One is the most powerful and their unholy sacrifices are most likely to be rewarded.
There is also a fifth Hydra Head, located on the Ademorran mainland, on the Road of the Dead. This depicts the White Hydra and only warlocks and voodoo-priests dare visit it.

Hydra Head

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