There are many organizations in Shairra, most of them illegal. One of the most important decisions the PC’s have to make during the first part of the campaign, is with which organizations they will align themselves and which will become their enemies.

official organizations

the Kernian Empire (Lawful Neutral)

the Kernian Inquisitors (Lawful Neutral)

the Shairran Merchant Houses (Neutral Evil)

the Shairran philosopher-mages (Chaotic Neutral)

Hydra Council (Lawful Neutral)

Secret organizations

the Ennearchs (True Neutral)

numerous religious cults,
the Order of Ouroboros (Lawful Evil)
the cult of Cythaerea (Chaotic Good)
the cult of Doom (Chaotic Evil)
the cult of the Devourer (Chaotic Evil)

the city’s three Thieves’ Guilds:
the Grabling Guild (Chaotic Good)
Silent Snakes (Lawful Evil)
the Red Hand (Neutral Evil)


Return of the Hydra Rhynn