Since the dawn of mankind, silvered weapons have been used to combat unnatural creatures: lycanthropes, undead and other abominations. Agaist these opponents, even a non-magical silvered weapon is highly effective, more so if fueled by the faith of its wielder.

You cannot have more than 4 positive spells active on your person. You cannot have even a single Dinagul-artifact in your possession. Cannot be used by undead, lycanthropes, or other creatures vulnerable to silver. (in case this happens, make a will save DC 10+1/2 item level or take 1d6 radiant damage/2 levels of the item (minimum 2d6). The item falls on the ground and you cannot use it again for 24 hours.)

A cleric or other character with the ‘Turn Undead’ or ‘Rebuke Undead’ feature, can spend one use of turn/rebuke undead as a swift action, making the weapon glow brightly for 1 round. During that round, every successful hit against an undead creature, lycanthrope or other dinagul follower (or against a creature with more than 4 boost spells active on his person) deals double weapon damage and a morale bonus equal to your charisma modifier on damage.

A silver weapon is worth as much as a masterwork weapon:

Mstw tiny, small and/or simple weapon = base price + 100
Mstw large and/or exotic weapon = base price + 300
All others = base price + 200

A masterwork silver weapon is worth as much as a +1 weapon.

These weapons can be magical and can have magical bonuses. A magical silvered weapon is worth as much as a weapon of +1 higher enchantment.
So, a +1 silvered weapon costs as much as a normal +2 weapon of the same kind, a +2 silvered weapon as much as a normal +3 weapon and so on.


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