The Four

Four liches, one for each of the Ademorran tribes, have sworn to destroy Shairra. To achieve this goal, the Four do not trust in their spellcasting powers, formidable though they might be, but in a strange plague they carry with them.
This ‘curse’, as the plague is often called in Shairra, is spread very easily, both by the liches and by those infected by them. There are four different forms of the plague, but all have the same result: those affected swiftly turn into bloodthirsty, mindless creatures filled with a deep hatred for all that lives. These creatures, part man, part undead, are defeated quite easily, but just slaying them isn’t enough! If not buried properly, their corpses rise as fully undead abominations, ready to spread the plague. So far, no cure has been found.

Although some of the Four have already been defeated in battle, none of their phylacteries has been destroyed yet. According to the Masked One, the artifacts of Cythaerea should be able to slay these Ademorran liches permanently, even without finding their phylactery.

Four neophyte liches they are, without the centuries or even millenia of knowledge and power their elder brethren in Ademorra possess, but still versatile enough to leave their home ground and travel to the hated city of Shairra. Four were chosen for this task, one for each of the Ademorran tribes:

  • Fat Dalila is, as her name indicates, a member of the ‘Big Ones’, the Tribe of the Turtle. She specializes in enchantments and necromancy and prefers to take over unsuspicious minds by giving away cursed trinkets. Her lich touch and necromancy spells turn her victims into ‘Drowned Dead’.
  • Crovax, called ‘the Fire Demon’ after the slaughter and havoc he has wrought during the nightly battle at the Hydra Reconstruction Site. Three of the four workshops were burned to the ground and most of the craftsmen incinerated and turned into raging madmen, infected with the ‘Boiling Blood Curse’. As his size and love for fireballs suggest, Crovax is a member of the Tribe of the Rhino. Although an Ademorran warlock, Crovax believes himself to be a warrior, and is easily lured into melee combat. And not without reason: if his magic is not dispelled or countered, he is almost invulnerable and the equal of any warrior.
  • Hebrou is a member of the Tribe of the Monkey and a powerful copromancer. He prefers to hide himself in a Stinking Cloud or Cloudkill spell, weaken, sicken and poison his enemies and finish them with rays and orbs of acid. Those killed while under effect of one of his diseases or poisons, soon rise as hyperkinetic monsters affected by ‘Skeleton Fever’.
  • Little is known of the fourth lich, only the fact that he must be a member of the Tribe of the Ants and spreading a curse called ‘Frost Fever’, draining its targets from all warmth and emotion.

The Four are also aided by Targor, a Kernian High Priest also turned into a lich, by the cult of Doom and by a horde of hydra’s, wyverns, manticores and other exotic monsters.

The Four

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